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DDB Online is the premier online automotive power demonstration tool. Our software allows you to upload your customers' dyno runs so that they can replay, compare and print their dyno run results from anywhere on the web. It doesn't stop there however. They can also compare and rank their runs against any of the other cars calibrated by your tuning facility.

Why would you want to show off your shop's tuning prowess online? First, it's a great way to demonstrate your tuners' abilities when you can graphically compare a base-line run versus final results. Second, it's great press for your shop when your dyno charts, complete with your shop logo, are posted all over the car forums, linking people directly back to your website. The fact that it is interactive and being fed with fresh data from your dyno computer, ensures that car enthusiasts will have a reason to visit your site more often, translating into increased business opportunities for you! No matter if your clients drive modded Mustangs down the 1/4 mile, or if they push their Subaru WRX's to the limit on the twisty tracks, they are all interested in seeing how much power they are making and how it compares to both their friends and their adversaries. A little rivalry and competition are part of what makes automotive sports so much fun!

Our dyno database software currently supports Mustang Dyno, Land & Sea and Dynapack output files. If your dyno isn't currently supported let us know and we will work with you to add support at no additional cost!

Please check out our Online Demo for an interactive introduction. If you are interested in seeing the administrative side, or what the graphs look like in a forum, you can check out the respective screenshots or you can contact us for a free demo.

Dyno Database Online Live Demo


Dyno Database Online Product Line


We have been very busy behind the scenes making our newest version even more flexible with the addition of MPH and Time (in seconds) to our X-Variables list. This was a highly requested feature and we are happy to announce that it is finally in! Since our feature set has steadily grown over the last year, we feel that we now have enough depth that we can offer multiple versions.

Our Dyno Database Online products offer an exceptional value, regardless of whether you choose the standard package or a custom installation. We are currently re-working our product line and pricing structure. We will be renaming our current DDBO product to "Dyno Database Online Professional." In the near future we will be introducing a new feature-limited version that will be called "Dyno Database Online Basic." This is in response to feedback we have gotten that some potential customers would like to be able to purchase a product that has a fixed feature-set for a one-time price. If you are interested in getting updates on the upcoming "Basic" version, please sign up here to get on our mailing list. Our detailed pricing matrix can be found on our Product Description page.

Feature Matrix Comparing the Basic and Professional Versions

If you have any questions about the features or the pricing, please contact us using our Contact Form.